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The Monthly Munich Haskell Meeting

This home page contains information about the monthly Munich Haskell Meeting. If you are interested in Haskell or in functional programming in general, we will be happy to see you there. Our regular get-together will be held at the end of each month. To give everybody the chance to join once in a while, we will rotate week-days. Check out the dates for more information.


Usually, we meet at Cafe Puck in Munich, Schwabing, near the universities. Cafe Puck can provide you with food, drinks and a friendly atmosphere for conversation. However, if someone wants to give a real talk one day, we should organise some other venue in time. If you feel, that we should get together somewhere else for other reasons, please feel free to suggest it.


We will announce our meetings at the following mailing-lists some days before:

For discussions concerning Munich's Haskell Meeting please use the high-order-munich mailing list, because it is more local than haskell-cafe.

If you feel that some information is missing on this site or that some information shouldn't go here, please contact the maintainer at Of course, suggestions, remarks, error reportings etc. are always wellcome about both this site and the Munich Haskell Meeting.

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